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Super Energy Efficient Home, Eastern Toronto

Originally being a post-World War 2 bungalow, this house located in Toronto was completely renovated into a retrofit, sustainable two storey home. The Beechwood project has gone to extreme measures to achieve the high level of energy efficiency possible by applying an advanced design concept that involves experienced architects, engineers, builders, consultants, and high performance products that are well known in the sustainable building industry. This fiberglass windows that were used for this project were a variety of styles from the Fibertec 300 Series fiberglass windows. All fiberglass windows in the Beechwood project are triple glazed and argon gas filled. After all the windows and doors were installed, the house achieved a rating of 0.52ACH@50Pa, which exceeds the Passive House standard requirements. More information about the project в середину Library Archive – lib archive. The main focus was on the homes envelope and mechanics in order to achieve exceptional results, and they succeeded to do so, winning the annual CaGBC (Canadian Green Building Council) award for innovation in Sustainability. Fibertec was proud to take part in this project and be an positive influence on its success.

More information about the project

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