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Fibertec’s fiberglass windows and doors are manufactured using only the top quality material guaranteed. With in house sealed unit manufacturing and using fiberglass frames, we are capable of achieving top quality results that is hard to find. With hard work and attention to minimal details, Fibertec’s choice of using top quality material to compose a long lasting fiberglass window or a fiberglass door gives us our great reputation, and the quality that our customers deserve.
Fibertec’s choice of material not only allows for performance, but we also take aesthetics into consideration. Fibertec offers a beautiful wood clad finish to add an authentic wooden look to your windows without consuming the forest with the amount of a real wood window. For more information, see our Wood Clad Series Windows and fiberglass wood finish doors.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows


With over 30 years of experience, Fibertec’s fiberglass window and door manufacturing technology has improved with experience. Not only do we hold the knowledge and reputation to create a quality fiberglass frame, but unique to Fibertec, our innovation has let us come up with the most comprehensive fiberglass frame design that cannot be found anywhere else. Our frame design opens a spectrum of opportunities to fit your building and energy efficiency needs. Fibertec’s fiberglass frames have been designed to fit seamlessly into a triple pane unit while other competitive frames have been designed for a double pane unit and modified to use for a triple pane window, thus allowing our frame design to be the most suitable option for your fiberglass windows and doors.

Triple pane windows


Fibertec offers a variety of options that can be used to enhance the energy efficiency of your fiberglass windows and fiberglass doors. Our heat mirror glass is an option that is hard to find and best suits our fiberglass windows so that it can be used with maximal efficiency. We also offer a high performance triple pane fiberglass window with an exclusive frame design that will outperform any other.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows