Why choose fiberglass window frames?

Fibertec’s Fiberglass window and door systems outperform all other window products, setting the highest standard in the industry.

The key features and benefits of selecting fiberglass window frames as opposed to conventional wood or vinyl windows are as follows:

  1. Ease of window installation
  2. Guaranteed prolonged fiberglass window frame life expectancy
  3. Slimmer frames and mullions, increasing glass to frame ratio, increasing maximum sunlight and viewing area
  4. Ability to design larger window units
  5. Ability to withstand high levels of wind load resistance, which far exceeds CAN-A440 M90 CSA Window Standards
  6. Increased security, offering greater resistance to forced entry
  7. Savings in energy costs
  8. Reduction in moisture and condensation
  9. High resistance to sound transmission, reducing exterior noise
  10. Consistent room temperature in large window areas
  11. Consistent contact of weather-strip and positive seal against frame and sash, keeping air, water and dust out
  12. Uniform movement of glass and frame, reducing the likelihood of unit failure and caulking cracks

Fibertec Windows and Doors Manufacturing – custom designed fiberglass windows and doors, built to fit your needs and budget.

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