The below reference letter was sent unsolicited to Fibertec Representative Steven Hall Recently. It has not been altered in any way, only the individual’s last name and phone number have been withheld for privacy.

Date:May 10,2013

We are very pleased with the new windows and doors that have been installed in our house during the past year. Here are some comments and observations that we’ve made about our selection and installation process
1. I did extensive research on the types of window frames that were available before we started our construction project. We were looking for high-quality Windows as we are planning on staying in our house for I consider a considerable period of time. I found that while plastic and aluminium were somewhat dimensionally stable, only the fiberglass gave us the insulating value and longevity that I was looking for.
2. Our old Windows were state-of-the-art 30 years ago. In the past, during cold days our old windows produced large quantities of condensation on the inside glass. The windows we had were double glazed wood framed windows. Our contractor on examination determined that the window frames and cells were rotting. This meant that if we installed replacement windows without removing the outer frames we would be simply covering rotting wood. The insulation around the windows was suspect at best. In order to improve as we would have to remove the trim around the windows and thus placing the windows became the obvious choice.
3. We were upgrading the flooring in our house from carpet to hardwood and were planning on increasing the moisture level in the house particularly in the winter; from the 10 to 20% we normally have had levels to prevent the hardwood from shrinking. It appeared as though the ideal moisture content was somewhere between 40 and 50%. In order to achieve this we had to have a window that was able not produce condensation at these moisture levels. Not only did the glass that we chose become important, but also the spacers and the frames. My research led me to believe that only fiberglass windows could produce the results that I wanted.
4. We were very much interested in the aesthetics of how the new windows look in our house. We wanted to maintain the maximum amount of glass area, and as a result the use of a replacement window that went inside the original frame was not acceptable, as this would significantly reduce the glass area available.
5. Our house is a bungalow and faces southeast. During the winter months when the sun is low on the horizon, we had great temperature differentials between parts of the house. It would not be uncommon for the areas of the house that had large windows to be uncomfortably hot and bright while the rest of the house was uncomfortably cold. We thought that by having new windows and patio doors installed using the proper glass, we would be able to balance the temperature in the house and make everything comfortable.
6. With the help of Steven Hall and Fibertec we achieved this. We used to heat mirrored glass in the areas of the house where the sun loading was a problem.
7. We were concerned that using this type of glass would reduce our visibility. I found that found that with the heat mirrored 75 had 85% transmissibility rating. When the glass was installed, it was very difficult to tell the difference between a triple pane and the heat mirror 75 glass. We were very pleased with the results. Because of the high cost differential between triple pane and heat mirror, we only installed heat mirror where we really had problems before. After living in the house this winter we are very pleased with the choices we made.
8. At the same time as we were installing new windows and doors, we were having our house redecorated. Our designer had chosen colours for both the inside and outside of the house that were not available from the standard colour selection. Fibertec successfully matched the colours of their windows and doors to the colours chosen by our decorators. This gave us a finished product that looked exactly as we had planned.
9. We replaced all doors on our house with fibreglass doors. These fit very well and are very tight. They were custom painted and look like wood. We are very pleased with the look and weather tightness of the doors.
10. We are very pleased with the end result of our fiberglass doors and windows and would recommend that anyone wanting quality products use Fibertec Products.
Dave R