Eco Friendly Residence Toronto, Ontario

Located just north of Toronto, Ontario, the original structure of the house was built over fifty years ago and the homeowner took a project into his hands to revamp the home and create an eco friendly home to live in. Every aspect that could be thought of was incorporated into the transformation of the house including exterior wall material, framing material, windows and doors, quality insulation, heating and cooling systems, water efficiency and more. The homeowner was aware of the importance to consider that fiberglass windows can be a great source for heat gain. Looking for a high R value, the homeowner chose to use Fibertec’s fiberglass triple pane windows which achieved an R value of up to 7.7 (greatly surpasses Energy Star requirements). The fiberglass windows that were mainly used for this project were the 300 Series fiberglass casement windows in large sizes, reaching up to 60″ tall along with Fibertec’s 300 Series fiberglass fixed windows. To allow for a higher SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) in the winter, LoE glass was used for the south facing windows. All in all, the homeowner is very satisfied with the windows and managed to achieve a great eco friendly home design which will go a long way in achieving energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows