Fibertec- The Leading Manufacturer in North America for High Performance, Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows and Fiberglass Doors

Pioneer in the Industry

For over 25 years, Fibertec Fiberglass Windows and Doors, located in North York (just outside of Toronto), Ontario has been in the manufacturing industry of fiberglass windows and doors. Fibertec has gained the technological experience in manufacturing fiberglass windows and doors addressing all aspects of fenestration needs for both residential and commercial markets keeping performance, sealed unit integrity and energy efficiency in mind as well as a maintenance free product.

Unbeatable Quality

We are proud to offer quality, energy efficient fiberglass windows and fiberglass doors and to increase value added features at a standard no one else can provide. Due to its unique properties, fiberglass windows and doors have many advantages. Fiberglass has a high R value, for the greater resistant, its higher insulating value contributes to room temperature consistency. Savings and heating and cooling costs range between 20 to 40% for an average home. Fiberglass frames have an extremely low expansion and contraction rate. This ensures the brands integrity and provides a consistent seal with the weather stripping. To guarantee air and water tightness, Fibertec uses fiberglass for both the inside and outside profile to ensure consistent results, with guarantee that our fiberglass windows and doors are built for long term performance. Fiberglass surpasses all levels of performance being the best materials used in fiberglass window frame manufacturing. It resists warping, twisting and cracking and cuts down on the structural degradation of the window and does not emit any gases or fuels. It is important to note that fiberglass is resistant to heat, cold and moisture penetration. In comparison to wood, vinyl, or aluminum, fiberglass ensures the superior life expectancy due to its durability.
To increase energy efficiency of the glass, various glazing and gas filled options can be applied. You can choose from hard or soft coat, argon and gas fill.

Energy Efficiency and Beauty Combined

Fibertec carries a variety of hardware that can give your wood finish fiberglass doors an added accent. Our stainless steel, multi point door locking system adds the increased security and greater resistance. It is a unique option for our fiberglass windows and entry doors. To enhance the beauty and décor features of your fiberglass windows, we present a variety of options you can choose from our removable interior, real wood grid, stimulated divided light, and internal grills between the glass panes which are available in an assortment of patterns. We also offer a selection of both standard and custom colors, hardware options, glass shapes, and designs that will allow the most discriminating home owner to customize a room to express their style. We stand by our fiberglass products by providing a lifetime warranty on the complete line of fiberglass window and door frames, frame finishes and hardware.

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