Fiberglass Windows: Energy Efficiency, Durability, Design Flexibility.

Fiberglass Windows | Energy Efficient WindowsAre you planning on installing new windows in your home, but are not currently certain about which type you would like to go with? Fiberglass windows can be an excellent purchase, as they provide many benefits over some of the other types of windows, and are often available at a reasonable price. Fiberglass has become increasingly popular, due to the excellent benefits that are provided by them.

Some of the benefits that you will find from the installation of fiberglass windows include an increase in thermal performance (lowering of your energy bills), better overall strength and durability, and excellent flexibility in design. Fiberglass windows are an excellent option for individuals that are looking to save money without losing any functionality in the process.

Fibertec’s fiberglass window and door manufacturing system meets the needs of designers and builders who wish to go beyond the limitations inherent with metal, plastic or wood frame fenestration. Pultruded fiberglass has proven to be a superior material in five ways: dimensional stability, thermal insulation, durability and aesthetics, and ‘environmental friendliness’.

The key features and benefits of selecting fiberglass window frames as opposed to conventional wood or vinyl windows are as follows:

  1. Guaranteed prolonged fiberglass window frame life expectancy
  2. Slimmer fiberglass frames and mullions, increasing glass to frame ratio, increasing maximum sunlight and viewing area
  3. Ability to withstand high levels of wind load resistance, exceeding CAN-A440 M90 CSA Window Standards
  4. Consistent room temperature in large window areas
  5. Consistent contact of weather-strip and positive seal against frame and sash, keeping air, water and dust out

Energy Efficiency, Durability, Design Flexibility.


Typically, fiberglass Windows perform much better than some of the other options in terms of thermal performance. They are excellent at holding in heat, keeping cold air out of your house and allow you to cut down on your energy bills immediately upon installation. If you have had serious problems with your energy bills, the installation of Fiberglass can greatly cut down on the amount of heat that you lose throughout the day, saving you money on your energy bill. Typically, Fiberglass is shown in tests to be the best available option for thermal performance, and this is one of the biggest benefits of the material. Fiberglass has one of the highest window ratings currently available on the market.

~ Minimal expansion and contraction – Fiberglass frames reduce the likelihood of unit failure and caulking cracks – maintains superior performance with regard to air/water infiltration
~ Obtains a high R-value – Fiberglass frames provide savings of approximately 20-40% in heating/cooling/energy costs over other window frame materials
~ Comfort and more consistent room temperatures in larger windows areas
~ A reduction in moisture and condensation, saving on costly repair to damaged wallpaper and masonry
~ Fiberglass has a high resistance to corrosion and rotting – good for seaside applications or other chemically sensitive environments
~ Fiberglass frames ensure a longer life expectancy than vinyl, wood and aluminum-clad – deters future service and maintenance costs


There is no doubt that Fiberglass Windows and doors are among the most durable windows that you can purchase. Their strength and durability is a huge benefit, as you really do not have to worry about the windows breaking or requiring repair often. Fiberglass, as a material, is the strongest material used in windows today.

Stronger Fiberglass Frames allow:
~ Smooth operation/no stress on hardware mechanism and guaranteed prolonged life expectancy
~ Slimmer frames with more glass area – maximizes sunlight and viewing area
~ Greater resistance to forced entry – increased security
~ Larger units/unique window sizes and shapes are possible, to meet unique customer specifications

Durability ~ High resistance to warping, twisting, rotting, cracking or shrinking.
~ Fiberglass frames will hold paint better than other materials and is a natural U.V. protector – will not fade, chip or crack.
~ Fiberglass is a paintable product – it can be painted during the manufacturing process or on site by the customer – allows customer to change colour at any time
~ Properties of fiberglass ensure a window/door product will perform as well in year 3, 10 and 30 as it performed on day one


Fiberglass can also be cut in the nearly any shape, which gives it excellent flexibility in terms of design. Additionally, if there are areas of the design that require additional durability, the use of Fiberglass can help to reinforce the design and make sure certain areas of the design are not weakened as a result. The flexibility in design is another reason why many people choose fiberglass for their home, and enjoy the choice in the long term.

Fibertec provides the highest quality of Fiberglass Window solutions currently available, helping you to lower your energy bills, increase the strength of your windows, and reap the benefits provided by fiberglass in terms of design flexibility.