CaGBC Award Winning Project–Beechwood, Toronto

Canadian Green Building Council Award Winning Project

green building windows

Another great sustainable home project has caught the attention of the public and made its way to winning CaGBC’s annual award for innovation in the category of Sustainability. Located in Eastern Toronto, is a detached home that was torn down completely to be renovated by Greening Homes to be as energy efficient as possible. The renovation is yet to be complete, however the envelope and mechanical systems within the home are existing and functioning. What’s amazing about this project is that due to its highly efficient building envelope, the house managed to exceed the requirements that it needed to meet. After the windows and doors were installed, the Beechwood project has been tested and exceeded the Passive House New Building Standards, achieving 0.52 ACH (Air changes per hour).

The house was originally a post-World War 2 bungalow and was renovated completely into a retrofit, sustainable two-story home. The Beechwood project has gone to extreme measures to achieve the high level of energy efficiency possible by applying an advanced design concept that involves experienced architects, engineers, builders, consultants, and high performance products that are well known in the sustainable building industry. The main focus was on the home’s envelope and mechanics in order to achieve exceptional results. The following were some of the main factors that were applied to this project:

The Envelope
•Walls have R value of R-40
•Roof has R value of R-60
•Fiberglass triple glazed, argon gas filled windows by Fibertec
•Strong standing seam metal roof

The Mechanics
•Drain water heat recovery
•Radiant floors and ceilings
•Air source heat pumps
•Solar thermal panels on roof to pre-heat water

Fibertec congratulates Greening homes on their award winning project and we are happy that we took part in this project. You can find more information on this project on Greening Home’s website.