Insulated Windows for ICF Homes -The Ideal Windows for ICF Construction

Insulated concrete forms are a great method for efficient green building, but if the wrong windows are used, the purpose of building efficiently loses its meaning.


Windows for ICF

This article will focus on explaining what ICF Construction means along with the key features and benefits of using this type of construction for your home. The article will also talk about why fiberglass window frames are most ideal to use with ICF Construction.

What is ICF?

ICF, short for Insulated Concrete Forms, are insulated building blocks with spaces that are filled with concrete and are designed to increase the energy efficiency of a home. ICF Construction has become very popular in the last decade and continues to flourish in the Green Building technology market. The comfort value of living in a home with ICF walls is phenomenal; not allowing for one cold spot or draft to be felt. Along with comfort value, ICF walls offer energy benefits such as high R Values and lower heating/cooling costs.

Using Fiberglass Windows for ICF Homes

With such an effort put into building an energy efficient home, if the proper windows are not used, the whole idea of having an energy efficient home can go to waste. The best window material to use is fiberglass due to its similar properties to ICF walls. Fiberglass windows can offer great insulation values to compliment the R values of the walls and therefore efficiently fill in the window spaces rather than having a vinyl window that will let off a cold space around the window. In addition, argon gas filled triple glazed fiberglass windows add the finishing touch to ICF homes, getting the best insulation performance that can be achieved from a home.

Fiberglass windows and ICF walls both have great benefits and perform greatly when used together to create a durable home to live in for many years to come. Fiberglass windows are strongly recommended as an energy efficient solution for ICF Construction.

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