Discovering the Fibertec Advantage

Fibertec’s Fiberglass window and door systems outperform all other window products, setting the highest standard in the industry.

Frame Advantage

We use a closed back four sided fiberglass frame Vs three sided open back
The closed back fiberglass frame was designed for triple pane fiberglass windows and allows for larger units to be more durable and allow for smoother operation. The frame takes most of the stress off the hardware and therefore the importance of having a strong fiberglass frame is crucial.

We use fiberglass components Vs PVC.

Others will supply PVC components for the glass stop, connectors and rails calling them non structural components.

Specially Designed Brickmould Vs Standard Stock

Our brickmould is designed to fit in the universal grove on our fiberglass windows and doors therefore eliminating the need for caulking between the two products. Others will use a brickmould that does not fit into a grove so that they can use it on all of their window lines. Caulking will eventually crack and allow water to penetrate between the frame and brickmould causing damage to the interior. Exposed caulking also discolors and become unsightly against the bright fiberglass window and door.

Patented Nylon Corner Keys Vs Stapled or Plastic

Our nylon corners keys are uniquely designed to hold the corners tight with stainless steel screws. Marine grade silicone is applied to the inside corners and then screwed tight and the excess silicone removed.

Hardware Advantage

Truth Encore Hardware Vs Standard

Fibertec uses Truth Encore foldaway hardware and truth maxim hinge with a load capacity of 120lbs for our fiberglass windows and doors. Our hinge pivots directly on the fiberglass frame where others extend out from the frame and stress the hinge and restrict operation.

Glass Advantage

Energy Efficient Fiberglass WindowsFibertec in-house manufactured sealed units Vs outsourced sealed unit supplier

Fibertec fabricates our own sealed units and therefore has the advantage of controlling material flow and quality assurance. We use a premium super spacer between the panes of glass. Fibertec’s sealant backing to our units have been proven to provide higher argon retention capabilities and stronger adhesion to glass over the regular conventional sealant used by other companies.

Company Advantage


Fibertec is one of the pioneering manufacturers of fiberglass windows and doors with extensive experience (over 30 years) and knowledge in all components and technology relating to fiberglass. Fibertec’s fiberglass frame technology has proven itself over the years to be the most durable and energy efficient in the industry.

Dedicated Team

Our team of consultants are well trained in all aspects of the window and door industry and therefore well equipped to give advice on many aspect of your project including design and glazing specifications. We manufacture our fiberglass windows and doors with the utmost care and attention to detail in order to achieve only the best end results from the fiberglass products that we supply.

Order Entry

Our quoting & order acknowledgement paradigm program provides a detailed order entry system that allows peace of mind as we move closer to finalizing your window and door specifications.

Weather Stripping Advantage

Three weather strips Vs Two

Fibertec has three weather strips with the primary and secondary gasket made from santroprene rubber rather than PVC. Santroprene provides longevity and durability with zero shrinkage over time. It also allows the gasket to reshape to its original form rather than flattening off. The third gasket is a brushed fin which stops air and wind but allows water that may have entered the unit when opened to escape. The gaskets we use are continuous as our frames are drained through the bottom of the sash.

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