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Fibertec knows that our clients have made the right choice when purchasing fiberglass windows and doors- the choice of the informed. The best way to be informed about our fiberglass products, updates, blog posts, videos and more is through social networking. Become a part of our social network community by visiting us on Facebook or Twitter for updates and information about our blog, Youtube, and Homestars or Houzz to see references and reviews from our customers.

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Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows


Visit and like us on Facebook! We constantly post statuses, share relevant and interesting information about energy efficient building, fiberglass windows, and more. We also share photos of our fiberglass windows and doors that are sent to us from our customers.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows


Follow Fibertec on Twitter for weekly updates and interesting links to relevant information for fiberglass windows and doors and interesting posts on green building and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows


Fibertec has recently become active on Youtube by creating audio blogs for a more interactive way to share important information. Our YouTube channel will consist of audio blogs about ICF, Passivhaus, EcoBuild, Green Building and more information about energy efficiency as well as tutorials and all the information you need for fiberglass windows and doors.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows


Fibertec is on Pinterest! If you have images of your fiberglass windows and doors that you would like to share with us, this is the right place. Share with us your ideas, images of your home, your fiberglass windows, and other spaces that inspire you.


Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows


Homestars is a feedback website for Canadian companies that allow clients to leave a review and rating on a company’s profile. You can view Fibertec’s profile reviews, or leave a review and a rating.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows


Houzz is a network of homeowners and businesses that share images of their products, homes and information. Fibertec’s profile on Houzz offers a spectrum of project highlights with images, reviews from our customers who have purchased fiberglass windows and doors as well as images of inspiring fiberglass window styles. Here too, you can leave a review and rating on Fibertec’s profile.