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Passive House windows

The Importance of Having Passive House Windows

As more people become informed about energy efficient construction, it has become more popular over the years to put the money into a project that will be efficient for the homeowner for many years to come. Passive House (Passivhaus) construction take all aspects of structural planning into consideration. The Passive House Institute Code demands for high insulation factors and high energy ratings to meet a certain standard for this energy efficient home design.

Fibertec Window and Door Manufacturing is proud to offer the best fiberglass passive house windows. We are experienced in supplying fiberglass windows and doors for such projects and invite you to speak with one of our representatives to get more in depth information on why our fiberglass windows and doors are most suitable for your project. Along with our quality fiberglass frame, Fibertec’s sealed unit manufacturing allows us to provide fiberglass windows built to perfection. Triple pane fiberglass windows are what we advise to use for Passive House Construction. Listed below are links to the energy ratings of our 300 Series fiberglass casement window, fiberglass awning window, and fiberglass fixed window:

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