Project Details

Christine and Tom, the founders of Solares Architecture have recently completed redesigning their home to be more energy efficient. After nine months of hard work, the Lolley family are living in their renovated home from top to bottom, in and out, ultimately reaching a reduction of 84 percent in energy use and 15 tonne savings in Co2 emissions. The lolleys chose to use Fibertec’s 300 Series fiberglass windows for their home to get the best comfort level that a window can offer for their home. They also used our 200 Series fiberglass doors for their home. Christine and Tom were looking to allow for as much natural light as possible. The windows styles came in many variations for their home as well as in many size variations. The south facing windows are the largest windows they used for their home to take advantage of solar heat gain in the winter. All of their windows are triple glazed fiberglass to maximize the thermal performance of the windows and the house itself.