44 Jackes, Toronto Ontario

Located in the heart of down town Toronto, this 20+ story high end rental property was furnished with Fibertec’s 450 Series aluminum high rise windows and balcony sliding doors. Prior to installing Fibertec’s new windows, the building suffered from drafty, cold and leaking windows. The old aluminum windows were single glazed, not being able to withstand the cold winter temperatures.
After the installation of the new double glazed aluminum windows, the tenant’s immediately took notice that the building’s overall room temperature stability has been greatly improved during the days of experiencing extreme cold weather. In addition, the new windows have contributed to reducing sound transmission from the traffic. The aesthetics of 44 Jackes Avenue has been accented due to the pleasing look of Fibertec’s aluminum windows. The level of condensation build up has been eliminated completely, leaving residents of 44 Jackes Avenue satisfied and comfortable in their homes.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows