Window Cleaning Guide

In order to keep your fiberglass windows in good shape, they should be cleaned on a weekly basis using standard glass cleaning products, or organic products such as vinegar or just water. Our windows have easily removable screens, tilt out options and other functions that make the cleaning process easy and quick

Cleaning the Frame

Like mentioned previously, your fiberglass window frames can be cleaned and maintained very easily using a non abrasive cleaning product with a damp towel. Soap and water ca be used as well for cleaning dirt spots that may appear on your frame. We advise that you first test your cleaning product in a small hidden area before wiping down the entire frame. Make sure to wipe dry when finished to avoid soap/product build up or water marks that might appear.

Cleaning the Glass

All glass types can be cleaned in the same way using certain cleaning products to prevent from damaging the glass of your fiberglass window. The best way to shine the glass of your window is to use a standard glass shiner with a microfiber cloth to avoid any scratching, or to use diluted dish soap and water using a wet towel for cleaning and dried with a microfiber cloth. Do not use heavy duty materials that can damage your window. (i.e chemical based cleaners, heavy pressure hoses, and sharp edge materials for removing dirt) Screen can be cleaned using a sponge with soap and water and watered down to remove any excess soap.

How to Maintain Ease of Operation of your Fiberglass Windows and Patio Doors

  1. Whenever necessary, clean weather stripping using a wet cloth. Otherwise, no other maintenance should be necessary.
  2. If needed, you can lubricate your window or door rollers and tracks using a dry silicone spray. This procedure should not have to be done more than several times a year.
  3. Often clean the window and or sliding door tracks from any dirt build up that may cause difficult closing and opening.
Fiberglass Window Care