AAMA– Stands for American Architectural Manufacturing Association, an organization certifying manufactured products that pass a high standard examination. Fibertec’s windows and doors are inspected and are show to be AAMA certified.

Argon Gas– A type of non-toxic gas that has no smell and no colour that is used as a fill in between glass panes in order to reduce noise, and enhances the energy efficiency of a window.

Attachment-Refers to additional options that can be added to the frame to enhance to esthetics of a window. Some of the attachment options offered for our fiberglass windows include nail fin, brickmould, jamb extensions strap anchors and more.

Awning Window-A compression sealing window that opens outwards to provide maximum ventilation even in rainy weather.

Bay Window-Three fiberglass frames joined together at a specific angle to create dimensional character to a home.

Bow Window– Five fiberglass frames joined together at a specific angle to create dimensional character to a home.

Brickmould– Exterior casing around a fiberglass window in which nails are driven through to install the unit. The brickmould attachment option is used to cover the gap between the frame and masonry opening.

Casement Window– A compression sealing window that opens 90 degrees to provide maximum ventilation, easy cleaning, and a superior air/water tightness.

Caulking– A specific procedure used to seal joints which is done very carefully in order to enhance energy efficiency and prevent from any moisture to enter through cracks between the window/door and concrete. Caulking is applied in such a way that all cracks are sealed properly

Closed Back Frame-Refers to the closing of a frame from all directions allowing for a sturdier frame structure. Fibertec uses closed back frames, however this is not always the case with every manufacturer.

Double Hung Window– An energy efficient window that functions with a vertical slide opening as well as a tilt out feature allowing for easy cleaning.

Double Glaze-Refers to the glazing method in which two layers of glass are separated with a spacer. Double glazed windows allow for insulation due to the air space between the glass panes.

Drainage Holes-Minimal drillings on the frame in order to prevent from moisture build up and rotting.

Energy Efficiency-The ultimate goal to reduce one’s use of energy. Energy efficient windows play a big role in saving in energy costs in a home.

Fixed Window-An energy efficient window which is used in areas to allow for maximum light. The window is stationary and does not open.

Gasket– A type of mechanical seal filling open space between the window/door frame to the home and is done in order to prevent leakage from around the frame.

Green Home-A unique design that is planned out to be environmentally friendly. Green houses are built by following specific standards in order to make the house more energy efficient.

Green Building-The movement of building with a goal to create a more environmentally friendly place to live. This includes insulation between concrete, energy efficient windows, energy efficient doors, less use of wood, using non-toxic products and more.

Glass Size-Refers to the dimensions of the glass itself.

Glazing-The process in which the glass is attached to the windows and doors

Grilles– Bars that are used to add a design feature to full-size panes of glass. They are securely bonded to the outer surfaces of the sealed glass unit to stimulate the appearance of the window

ICF Building-Standing for Insulated Concrete Forms, a technology used for green building increasing energy efficiency and reducing noise inside a home.

Jamb Extension-An addition component to the window from the interior and or exterior lengthening the depth of the window. This is relevant for door frames as well.

Low-E Glass-Standing for Low Emissivity, is a type of glass that is capable of keeping out a high amount of ultraviolet and infrared light whilst allowing in maximal light. Low-E glass has a transparent coating that can drastically reduce U Values.

Mulling-The process of joining two or more windows/door units together with the use of a jamb extension Passive House Construction-Similar to Greenhouse construction, a passive house is a building concept with very high energy standards using smart insulation technology keeping the house “air tight”.

Pultrusion-The process in which woven glass fiber strands are used in order to make lineal frames for fiberglass windows and doors.

Polystyrene-A high level term of use to describe a material similar in properties to Styrofoam

R-Value-Standing for Resistance Value, describes the resistance of a certain material from letting outdoor temperatures influence indoor temperatures. Higher numbers indicate better insulating capabilities.

Sash-Refers to the portion of a window that is separate from the frame, either stationary or fixed.

SDL-Stands for simulated divided lites, when referring to grilles

Side Slider-A window that has two sashes that operate horizontally allowing air circulation through both sides, thus providing maximum ventilation and tilt-out access for easy window cleaning and maintenance.

Stationary-Refers to a sash that does not open or operate in any way, usually a fixed window or sidelight

Solar Heat Gain Co-Efficient (SHGC)-The amount of solar radiation that manages to be admitted through a window and be released into the interior part of a home/building.

Triple Glaze– Triple Glazing has three layers of glass, or two layers with a low-emissivity (Low-E) film suspended between them. The additional layer and air space give triple glazing better insulation value than that provided by double glazing. It is a good choice where there are weather extremes.Triple glazed windows can help reduce sound transmission where outside noise is a problem.

Tempered Glass-Glass that has passed a process in which it has been heated and cooled in order to strengthen the glass.

U-Factor-Similar measurement used which determines the heat flow through a window and or door from interior to exterior.

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