Is Fibertec a certified contractor for the GreenON rebate program for high performance windows?

Yes, Fibertec has been listed as a certified GreenON contractor for fiberglass windows since February 2018 and we intend to continue to be affiliated with the program so long that it exists.

How much money can I get back from the government by replacing my windows through the GreenON program?

When replacing your windows with Fiebrtec fiberglass windows under the GreenON rebate program, you are eligible to receive up to a total of $5,000 or $500 per window.

Who do I get the rebate from and how long does it take to get it?

The rebate comes directly from the government in the form of a cheque mailed to your house within 8-12 weeks of completing the window installation.

Are all of Fibertec's fiberglass window styles applicable for the rebate program?

No, there is a specific list of window styles and variations that meet the necessary criteria for the program. Speak to one of our sales representatives today to receive more information.

Can I receive a rebate on fiberglass doors as well?

Unfortunately, the program currently only targets window replacement. You are able to purchase a door from us, but will not receive a rebate for it.

Can I only receive a rebate if my project is located in Ontario?

Yes, that is correct. This rebate program is only eligible for homeowners and businesses located in Ontario and will only be applicable to addresses located within the province.

I want Fibertec's windows but I have my own installer who can do the job. Will I still be able to get a rebate on the windows if someone else installs the windows?

Fibertec has a window installer dedicated to installing windows for Green Ontario customers with all the necessary certifications. We therefore must use our installer for the job if you choose to purchase Fibertec's windows and desire to get a rebate on the windows.