The Green Ontario Fund has made the process for applying for a rebate straightforward for both the customer and the window manufacturer. There are a few steps required to be followed as part of the application process. At Fibertec, we will be happy to assist throughout the whole rebate process to ensure that we provide as much guidance as possible throughout the way. For any further questions on the GreenON program and how to ensure that your fiberglass window purchase with Fibertec is rebatable, please send an inquiry to

The Application Process

1. Take photos of your windows before replacement
2. Purchase and install your windows with Fibertec
3. Take photos of the completed window replacement project
4. Fibertec fills out the rebate application on your behalf
5. Confirm the details provided on the rebate application filled out by Fibertec
6. Fibertec submits the rebate application on your behalf
7. Receive rebate cheque in the mail on behalf of the Government of Ontario