When it comes to bays and bow windows, sleekness and style are key factors. Whether you prefer the expanded view of a bay window, or the supple curve of a bow window, both of these styles can dramatically open up a room.
Traditionally, the bay window is made from three windows: a large picture window in the center and two smaller flanking windows on each side.
The bow window features a series of five or more windows joined to form an arc or bow shape.
Both styles come with an optional seat and head, available in different wood species.

Other Styles: Bay and Bow Windows: Fiber Clad Wood® Series

Bay Window Fiberglass Standard Series

STANDARD SERIES SPECIFICATIONS: 3 ¼” Pultruded Fiberglass Frame completely filled with laser die cut Polystyrene, injection molded reinforced mitered corners with Polyurethane foam fill and sealed with silicone sealant.

SIZES AVAILABLE:Most sizes and configurations are available. Fibertec manufacturers to sizes specified ½+/- 1/8″ (3.17 mm) industry tolerance.

STANDARD BAY: Three 3 ¼” Fiberglass lites joined at either a 30 or 45 degree angle (other angles can be specified).

STANDARD BOW: Five 3 ¼” Fiberglass lites joined at either a 10 or 15 degree angle (other angles can be specified).

TEST RESULTS/ENERGY RATINGS:Products have been independently tested and rated by CSA A440, AAMA/ NAFS 2011, and NFRC (see 300 Series test charts)

GLAZING OPTIONS:Double Glazing – 3/4″ sealed units with 1/2″ air space.
Triple glazing (option) -1 5/16″ sealed units (maximum operator width 32″) Various other glazing options are available to suit any climate condition. (See glass and glazing page for more information)

PAINT FINISH:Stock exterior colours are white, sandalwood, commercial brown and black. All standard frames come with a white interior or can be painted to any requested colour. All frames use an Acrythane water based paint with UV protector. The paint is rated environmentally friendly due to low VOC. Custom colours are available.
Note that the paint finish does not wrap around to the bottom edge of the frame when using nail fin application. Please refer to the cross section drawing for nail fin under attachment options. (See here for interior and exterior colour options)

ATTACHMENTS:Brickmold (three types), jamb extensions, strap anchors, and nailing fin, are available for installation applications. (Click here to see technical information)

WEATHER STRIPPING:The three seal design conforms to the rain screen principle. A combination of flexible Santoprene bubble and fin for the main frame, along with pile fin on the sash. The weather-stripping is replaceable.

BAY AND BOW FINISHING OPTIONS:Interior connectors available in fiberglass or oak veneer. Exterior connectors available in aluminum. Bay or Bow window assembly option can come with, fir, oak laminated, maple laminated, or poplar laminated plywood seat and header and side jamb build outs (boxed). When ordering, please specify: overall width and height (including seat & head if ordering), side window flanker widths, and over all or inside projections.

INSTALLATION:Shall be performed by experienced installers in accordance with manufacturer instructions and CSA A440.4 standards. Window shall be plumb and square after installation is complete and sealed to both interior and exterior wall with high quality sealant around the perimeter of the frame. If perimeter cavity is to be foamed, additional anchorage may be required to prevent bowing. It shall be the responsibility of the installers to make all necessary final adjustments to ensure normal and smooth operation.

MAINTENANCE:Occasional cleaning of glass and frame components with a non-abrasive detergent is recommended. Clean and lubricate hinge tracks as required.