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Modern Monday: 4 Important Tips to Consider When Choosing your Fiberglass Window Exterior Style

The interior and exterior of a home’s windows can add character and change the home’s style completely depending on the accessories and styling used for the fiberglass windows. What’s great about designing fiberglass windows, is that style does not have to be sacrificed for energy efficiency. From colour choices to transoms and grilles, shapes and sizes, your fiberglass windows can be the star feature of your home if the design process is done successfully. Here are several tips to consider when designing your new fiberglass windows.

Choose window styles that will serve the style desired of your home

Today there are many different architectural styles that can be delivered through designing your home in different methods. For example, contemporary and modern style homes are well known to be plastered with large fixed windows for the “glass wall” style. Traditional homes have standard sized fiberglass windows most of the time, such as fiberglass casements, double hung windows and several awning windows here and there. Make sure that you choose the right style of fiberglass windows to best suit your design needs.

Choosing the exterior colour of your fiberglass windows

Choose a colour that will make your fiberglass windows stand out. Due to the fact that fiberglass windows having a baked on paint finish, you never have to worry about chipping paint, or re-painting your windows. Depending on the home’s exterior finish, even white or black could be shades that can add accent your windows. Fibertec offers custom colours according to the exact demand of the customer. You choose the colour, we match it exactly.

Using Grilles and Transoms

Grilles and transoms create a completely different look to the window from both the inside and out. Grilles are mostly used to depict the look of a traditional style home with smaller sized windows, however grilles are also used for modern homes with larger windows as well to “break” the size of the windows.

Using Custom Shaped Windows

By combining a variety of shaped windows, your home will have added character and can be more appealing to some. Circular windows are sometimes used minimally in different areas of the face of the house to make it look more interesting. Fiberglass has an advantage of being able to be segmented and formed into different shapes including round tops, circles, diamonds or any other architectural shape that you can think of.