Steven and Colin and all the talent at Fibertec

Just wanted to give you all at Fibertec an update on our window installation. As you know this is a do it yourself project.

First I want to thank Steven for believing that I could take on this challenge and working through all the details to get the planning right. Next Colin for following up to make sure we had everything as ordered. Finally, and please pass this on, to the engineers who designed the windows and to the team that built them.

These windows are fantastic. Well designed and the construction is excellent. Everyone in the neighborhood has remarked very positively on them. Wait till they see the house and windows when finished!

Below are some pictures of the installation. Happy Memorial Day. Both my dad and Wendy’s dad served in WWII and would be proud of this US and Canadian project. We were both born in Canada. Wendy’s father served as a Canadian in Europe and mine as a US pilot in the Pacific.


Rick&Wendy Mouche’