Understanding Heat Mirror Glass and How it is Used With Fiberglass Windows

If you are looking for a thermal efficient solution for your windows, then you might be interested in learning about heat mirror windows.

A product that is unique and not found at all window and door manufacturing companies, heat mirror glass is a superior insulating glass that protects against both heat and cold. Using a special design, the heat mirror glass is able to allow natural light in through the window while reflecting radiant heat, keeping the heat in during the winter and out during the summer. A heat mirror window is created by using a film that resists to ultra-violet and infra-red radiation placed between a double glazed window. By using heat mirror glass, you can block out 99 percent of damaging UV rays. Two heat mirror films can be used in a four layer system as well. What’s also great about the heat mirror film is that it is transparent in visible light so that you don’t get the look of a darker glass area. Heat mirror windows are suitable to use in all cases to increase the energy efficiency of your home and are most suitable to be used in a fiberglass frame window to achieve the best results possible.
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