What do Your Windows Have Anything to do with Hurricane Season?

Believe it or not, if you live in one of the coastal areas of the United States, then you know better than to neglect the dangers and warnings of hurricanes during the season. Your windows could be the result of passing another hurricane season successfully, or could result in a dangerous situation with flooding and broken windows. It is important to look into purchasing impact resistant windows to ensure the safety of your home.

As hurricane season approaches, the regular protocol of warnings and hurricane watches start to show up more often, and those who live near the coast are no stranger to this time of the year. The most dangerous situation during a hurricane is for a structure to be destroyed by heavy wind loads. This happens when an extreme amount of pressure is placed on a structure by the wind and storms that are caused by the hurricanes and the openings such as windows and doors are unable to withstand the pressure that is put onto them. With hurricanes that can reach over 150 mph of wind speed, if you live in a coastal region, you want to look into a durable window frame that will not disappoint you.

Fibertec’s line of high quality fiberglass windows are an made from an extremely durable fiberglass frame and are a great solution to not only the safety of your home, but also preventing leakage from the windows or around the seal. By using a strong fiberglass frame and triple pane unit, together the two main components become a strong, impact resistant, and energy efficient window for your home.