Decorative Glass for Fiberglass Windows and Doors

Your home expresses the way you live. Make your home more distinctive with decorative glass for your fiberglass windows, doors, sidelights and transoms. Fibertec offers a complete range of decorative glass that’s perfect for your home. There are a wide variety of designs that can be implemented within the glass, from stained glass to iron designs between the panes of glass.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows

Frosted Glass (Sandblasted Glass)

Frosted glass is a type of glass that adds an element of privacy with partial opacity while still allowing in natural light. Frosted glass can be used for design purposes as well in combination with iron designs between the sealed unit.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows

Photo Credit to Solares Architecture

Pinhead Glass

Pinhead glass is a textured glass that adds a grain-like finish for added privacy. Like frosted glass, pinhead glass still allows natural light to penetrate through, without being able to see directly through the glass.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows

Rain Glass

As the name says it all, rain glass has a textured effect that makes the glass look like rain is falling on it. The direction of the droplets face downwards to give the glass the real rain effect. Rain glass goes well on fiberglass door sidelites and door glass as well

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows