Passivhaus (Passive House) Construction-The New Building Trend

Passivhaus Construction

Another innovative trend making our world a better place to live; Passive House Building has become known and recognized around the world as the best solution for energy efficient living in cold climate geographical regions. A shocking yet possible 80-90 percent in savings can be achieved using the proper methods that qualify for being appropriate for Passive House Construction. These methods are composed of a great deal of scientific design and approach to construction in order to be able to execute not only an aesthetically appealing building, but also energy efficient throughout the entire building process.

Windows for Passive House

The Canadian Passive House Institute recommend triple glazed fiberglass windows with low-e coatings along with an appropriate gas fill and insulated spacers to achieve the most energy efficient fiberglass window possible. Due to the openings that windows create in the wall of a home, it is a crucial aspect to take into consideration when choosing the right windows for your home. Fiberglass windows have proven to be the best fit for Passivhaus Construction. Fiberglass windows can reach u-values that other frame materials cannot achieve, allowing for your windows to be the most energy efficient window available. Using Low-E glass in combination with fiberglass allows for maximum light to enter your home without allowing in ultraviolet rays that allow heat to enter through your windows and can be harmful to the human body. Make the right choice and choose fiberglass windows for your Passivhaus design.