Canada’s First Net Zero Energy Commercial Building- Del Ridge Green Life Business Centre

Greenlife Business Centre

The New Year is approaching and in time the awareness of building green and building efficiently is growing. The Green Life Business Centre is Canada’s first ever net zero commercial building and Fibertec was happy to be a significant part of supplying the fiberglass windows for this building. The amazing capabilities of this building allows to produce more renewable energy than used and minimizes amount of waste leading to a healthy, clean and better environment to work in.

Del Ridge homes had a vision in mind when building the new business centre back in 2012. They had a vision to build a workplace - an office building with no carbon footprint. Part of the planning process of the net zero construction project was to consider several methods to incorporate energy efficiency within the structure and interior/exterior energy systems. The business centre is built from ICF walls (insulated concrete forms) and triple glazed gas filled fiberglass windows by Fibertec. The building is heated and cooled using geothermal energy, a method that uses heat from the earth’s natural resources. Other methods of energy efficient construction that are included in the project include solar panel parking lot lighting, LED lighting in common areas and a fully enclosed ramp that leads to the underground parking lot.

To date, the building located in Milton Ontario is complete and offers over 25,000 square feet of energy efficient office space. Fibertec was honored to take part in Canada’s very first net positive business centre and excited to be a significant part of making Canada a greener, healthier, and more energy efficient place to live.