Make it Wood Clad: The Beauty of Wood Clad Fiberglass Windows

What is a wood clad window?

A wood clad fiberglass window a regular fiberglass window with the addition of a slim authentic oak veneer addition to change the look of a fiberglass window to look like a real wood window. Using wood cladding for a fiberglass window gives off the beautiful look of a wood window without all the disadvantages that come with them. Cladding was originally used as a method to protect the outer layer of a wood window and was then adopted by other window manufacturers of vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass to accent the standard look of a window.

The Design Aspects of Wood Clad Fiberglass Windows

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Provide a beautiful natural wood interior to suit your décor. Fiberglass Wood Clad windows can be built in a wide variety of ways that are most suitable for the specific design of a home. The design aspects can differ from the type of wood, the staining colour used, the number of coats applied when staining, the thickness of the wood and more. Fiberglass wood clad windows are both energy efficient and design efficient. Fibertec carries a variety of hardware that can give your windows doors an added accent with a wood finish. Whether your home is contemporary, traditional, cottage style, or modern, fiberglass wood clad windows can be suitable with the interior design of your home.

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Energy Efficiency

What’s better than beauty and energy efficiency combined? Only fiberglass wood clad windows can give you the look of wood with maximal energy ratings to keep your home looking great and feeling better. Fiberglass windows are beneficial to homeowners when looking to save on energy costs. Wood clad fiberglass windows allow homeowners to know that they do not need to sacrifice beauty for energy efficiency.