Highest Rating in Canada – EnerGuide 89 Luxury Green Build Home

It has been said many times before, but how many times has it been done? Don’t sacrifice luxury and air quality for energy efficiency, because Babyfoot Developments proves that you don’t need solar panels on your roof, radiant floors and ceilings, ventilators and other expensive systems to make your home energy efficient. Babyfoot Developments builds highly energy efficient, healthy homes, surpass all North-American building code standards without the associated price premium to the consumer.

Highest EnerGuide Rating in Canada

fiberglass windows

Scoring an 89/100 EnerGuide rating, they surpassed the qualifications of an energy efficient home according to the rating system, as well as achieving the highest score in Canada thus far without the use of high VOC sprayfoams. This specific project is approximately a 10,000 square foot modern home located in the Greater Toronto Area built to maintain the highest indoor air quality. Testing of the air quality inside the home, revealed that air quality within the home was 4 times cleaner than that of “fresh air” outside the home. Under ideal conditions for respiratory health, we require between 35-50% relative humidity year round. Unfortunately, with our harsh winters most homes cannot maintain more than 25% RH without triggering mold growth within the envelope and a visible condensation on the North facing windows.

The Windows and Doors

fiberglass windows

Fibertec windows were chosen by Baby Foot Developments, to maintain the performance of the building envelope. Even in the dead of winter at -22C outside, the house maintained 22C and 48% RH (Relative Humidity), without foggy windows or any signs of condensation. The fiberglass windows used by Fibertec in this project were a crucial aspect in the final performance of the home as a whole. The windows assured air tightness with slim to no air leakage while using Low E coatings for solar heat gain during the winter. South-facing High solar heat gain Fibertec’s glazings in the front of the house virtually eliminated the need for a furnace. These South glazings are used to heat the home from September 15th to May 15th, while 4 ½ feet overhangs keep the glazings shaded from May 15th to September 15th. The fiberglass windows themselves are triple pane, argon gas filled for maximal efficiency. With over 30 units in the house, the window styles used in the home include Fibertec’s entire 300 Series (Casement, Fixed, and Awning) and the fiberglass sliding patio doors from Fibertec are double glazed with Heat Mirror technology. The entry doors are woodgrain fiberglass double doors, uplifting the aesthetics of the already attractive home.

The evolution of Green Building is present in this project – from the aspect of high quality construction, all the way to the air quality in the house, resulting in the synergy of beauty and energy efficiency combined with unbeatable performance.