About the Project

A highly energy efficient residential project, scoring 85 on the EnerGuide rating system right in the heart of Toronto, by Solares Architecture using Fibertec’s fiberglass windows and doors. The new two storey house was designed using passive and active solar methods while using air tight windows to create a complete and air tight seal for the home.

Energy Efficiency

The house uses triple glazed fiberglass windows, mostly casements and fixed to get the best energy ratings. In addition, the home uses in floor radiant heating, energy efficient lighting (LED lights), ceiling fans for regular ventilation and air circulation as well as water preservation systems. The structure of the home was built using ICF units, which go great hand in hand with fiberglass windows as they complement each other’s high performance. This self-sufficient home has already gained back over $2,500 in energy savings and electricity generation all thanks to its highly efficient building materials that were used.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows