About the House

Simplicity on the outside, beauty on the inside and a great amount of insulation in between. This project was an addition to an 85 year old farmhouse designed for energy efficiency, durability and carbon neutrality. This certified LEED Gold project is divided into a residential component and a community vegetarian coffee house using organic food provided by the plush and abundant agriculture on the property, all operating from part of the home in the summer. The Elliot Residence is self-sufficient in firewood for heating energy, and use low flow fixtures to reduce water consumption within the house. The walls of the addition to the house use ICF walls for easy installation and better insulation in combination with energy efficient fiberglass windows.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows

About the Windows

The Elliot Residence uses Fibertec’s high performance line of triple glazed fiberglass windows. The café’s entrance uses a fiberglass door as well for an air tight seal. Most of the fiberglass windows used are operable (300 Series Casement Window) in order to maximize air ventilation.

Most of the windows in the café were installed so that they face south or south west in order to allow in as much natural light as possible. To increase the use of ventilation from outdoors, the occupied floor area in the house has an operable window within every 7 metres.

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows