Getting your Fiberglass Windows Ready for the Winter

Preparing your Fiberglass Windows for the Winter

As winter approaches earlier this year, it is important to know how to prepare your fiberglass windows for the season. If you live in a cold climate area, your windows tend to be kept shut more often than open. If your windows are not closed properly during the winter, the operating hardware can become rusty and as a result will cause problems with the operation once the winter is over. When preparing for the winter season, make sure that your windows are operating properly. Doing so will assure that there was no influencing factors from the winter that may have affected the window’s functionality. It is also important that all windows that will not be used over the course of the season are closed properly, and locked air tight using the window hardware. This will prevent any penetration of ice, water or snow to reside between the sash and the frame which could cause rusting.

Our Recommendations

We recommend winterizing your fiberglass windows to maintain clean and proper operation for upcoming seasons. Check to see that your operators are well lubricated before snowfall begins. This should be done for the windows that will most likely not be opened throughout the winter. Also, make sure that all (if any) of the sill tracks are free of any dirt, dust, residue or obstruction. Following these procedures during the winter will also help you save on energy bills. Ensuring that your windows are sealed tight over the winter will minimize heat escaping from any openings. If you are experiencing difficulties with your operating hardware or locking mechanism with Fibertec products, please get in touch with our customer service department to get replacement hardware in time for the winter.

Fibertec would like to wish everyone a safe, energy efficient and warm winter.