400 Series Fiberglass Side Slider Window

Fibertec’s 400 Series fiberglass slider window is ideal for retrofit and new construction applications. This window features two sashes that operate horizontal allowing air circulation through the right and left, thus providing maximum ventilation and tilt-out access for easy window cleaning and maintenance.

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Slider Window Interior

Standard Series
3/4″ Pultrude Fiberglass Frame completely filled with laser die cut Polystyrene, injection molded reinforced mitered corners with Polyurethane foam fill and sealed with Silicone Sealant.

Test Results
Products have been independently tested and rated by NFRC.

Paint Finish
Stock Colors are White, Commercial Brown, Slate Grey, Black and Sandalwood (co-colors are also available). Acrythane water based with UV protector.
Rated environmentally friendly due to low VOC
(Note: not all components are paintable).

Glazing Method
Marine glazed, using Santoprene wrap around glazing gasket to ensure a positive seal.

Standard Glazing
Double glazing – 7/8” sealed units with 5/8” air space.
Triple glazing (option) – 7/8” sealed units with ¼” air space.
Various other optional glazing is available to suit any climate condition or esthetics.

Fin pile weatherstrip around sash perimeter to ensu re co nstant contact with main frame.

Surface mounted heavy duty metal cam locks available in white or sandalwood colour.

Brickmold (with or without nail flange) three types jam extensions are available for installation applications.

Sizes Available
Minimum width 24”, Minimum height 14”, Maximum width 84”, Maximum height 60”.
Also available in three lite sash design for larger width openings.
Fibertec manufactures to sizes specified +/- 1/8″ (3.17 mm) industry tolerance.

Egress Windows
Consult local building codes to verify that the window ordered will meet or exceed egress requirements in your area.

Window Diagram
All diagrams must be viewed from the exterior:

Fiberglass Windows

Shrink wrap and sleeve packing is always recommended. Shipments going by Common Carrier must also be skidded.