Fiberglass Window Frame Styles – Which Should you Choose?

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Fiberglass Window Frame Styles

When choosing new fiberglass windows for your home, choosing the style itself can play a big part in the way the completed job will look and perform. Some fiberglass windows may perform better than others, while some windows may look more aesthetically pleasing. Here you will see the possible fiberglass window frame styles that you can choose from.

Fiberglass Casement Windows

Fiberglass casement windows are the most popular frame style available in the market today. It provides great insulation values while providing full ventilation with a 90 degree sash opening. Fiberglass casement windows can also be coupled with fixed windows for wider openings. If you want to have a fiberglass window for a moderate sized opening that is both energy efficient and allows for air flow, the casement window is a great option.

fiberglass windows

Fiberglass Awning Windows

The awning window is very similar to the casement window in its performance and operation. The only difference is that the awning window opens up and outwards on an angle. The fiberglass awning window is designed to keep the rain out while the window is open. Usually, fiberglass awning windows are placed in areas that people prefer to keep the windows open for extended period of time. This may include bathrooms, hallways, laundry rooms and basements.

Fiberglass Fixed Windows

As mentioned before, fiberglass fixed windows can be coupled with other types of windows for wider or larger openings. Fixed windows have a slimmer frame than other window frames, however a false sash fixed unit can be used to keep consistency when coupling with other operable windows.

Fiberglass Double Hung Tilt Windows (Vertical Sliders)

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Fiberglass double hung windows vary across different fiberglass window manufacturers. Some manufacturers make a single hung, while others manufacture a double hung with a tilt option for easy cleaning. Fiberglass double hung windows are great for openings that are easily accessible and for areas that cannot accommodate the space of a sash that opens outwards, such as a porch.

Fiberglass Horizontal Slider Windows (Horizontal Sliders)

Like the double hung window, horizontal sliders use space efficiently. Some areas of a home may be blocked or too small to allow for a casement window to open outwards. Energy ratings for fiberglass double hung windows and fiberglass sliding windows are usually very similar in insulation values and provide great air flow.

Custom Shaped Fiberglass Windows

What’s great about fiberglass windows is that the frame can be segmented into many different shapes – Gothic style, round windows, eyebrow shaped windows, triangles, you name it. Fiberglass windows can be custom made to accommodate any shape necessary for your home.