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There’s no better way to impress your peers, family and friends when they come over by seeing the most beautiful entry door, making only the best Fiberglass Doorsimpression on your living space before they have even entered. If you are looking into upgrading the look of your entry door, some of the methods listed below can be applicable. If you are looking at purchasing a new entry door for your home, there are six major ways in which design and style can be applied.

Sidelights and Transoms

You may want to make your entrance look bigger, but you aren’t looking at having two doors. Sidelights and transoms with full glass add style and modernity to your entry door. Glass can be designed in many ways to add more character to it and can also be energy efficient when applying glazing such as triple glazing and gas fills.

Using Double Door vs Single Door

Double entry doors can open up the entrance of your home, even if only one door is functional. Double fiberglass entry doors can be used effectively for wide faced homes to use the space efficiently, or with narrow faced homes to widen the look of the house. If the opening is wider, try combining the use of transoms with decorative glass above the door to make the doors look bigger.


Staining wood grain fiberglass doors properly can greatly add character to your entry door. Different colours can be used for staining and if done properly, your doors will give off the authentic look of wood you are looking for. There are a variety of good quality staining colours, each having a distinct colour that best matches your home. See our recommended staining colours to see what looks best on wood grain fiberglass doors.


The advantage of having decorative glass is that it can be designed in so many different ways to best suit your style. Wrought iron design is best to have when looking for floral design, spirals and even custom swirl design for the glass used in your fiberglass entry door. You can also apply grilles that are placed between the panes of glass. Different grille colours, material and shapes and can be applied to fiberglass doors, sidelights and transoms.


There is a wide variety of door handles to choose from for your entry door. The main styles are handles, levers and door knobs. Depending on the style you are looking for, usually levers and handles are the most appealing to choose from. Most companies choose lever styles that can be applied to all entry doors and customized in colour.

Wood grain fiberglass doors vs steel

Wood grain fiberglass entry doors are a more aesthetic and energy efficient choice when looking for a quality entry door. Steel can also be designed by choosing different panel styles or applying glass to the door, however is limited to solid colour paint only. Wood grain fiberglass entry doors can be stained to look just like wood, and will be more energy efficient than a wooden door. Fiberglass entry doors do not come with all the disadvantages that wood doors have and can be designed in many different ways. For more information on fiberglass doors, see our 200 Series fiberglass entry doors.

Your entry doors are not just the entrance to your home. It’s the reputation your home gives, leaving only the best impression you can get from your guests.

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