Are Your Windows ENERGY STAR Certified? Finding Suitable Fiberglass Windows for Your Home

Make Sure Your Windows are Energy Star Certified

No matter what type of construction you are considering for building your home or where you live, your fiberglass windows should be Energy Star certified. Energy Star is a company that works in partner with the government by qualifying companies to have products that are safe for the environment by using superior energy efficiency. Energy Star certifies windows, doors and skylights in North America by using three major criteria:

1. Fiberglass windows must be manufactured by a certified Energy Star partner. Check the list of certified companies here:
Energy Star Certified Windows and Doors

2. All fiberglass windows and doors must be independently tested and qualified by the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council)

3. All NFRC ratings of tested fiberglass windows and doors must meet or exceed the guidelines set by the U.S Department of Energy

Energy Star Zones

Depending on the climate zone of the area you live in, you should choose the most suitable fiberglass windows that will protect your home during extreme weather time periods throughout the year. Energy Star shows that certain regions may demand for specific glazing standards. In Canada, the standard is having at least two panes of glass (double glazed fiberglass windows) in order to keep your home warm during the harsh winter. As mentioned in our previous blog on choosing triple pane windows, there are five key factors that are taken into consideration when choosing an energy efficient window for your home:

• Quality material- Fiberglass frames are most durable, long lasting, energy efficient and need zero reinforcement for support, whereas vinyl would warp without the support.
• Use of Low E glass- Special hard or soft coating on your glass will reflect infrared light and keep the heat our while allowing in all the light.
• Triple pane units- Triple pane fiberglass windows increase the energy efficiency of a window drastically and are much more effective than a standard double glazed fiberglass window.
• Type of spacer used- Using the right spacer, such as a premium super spacer keeps the panes separated at an exact distance apart, do allow for maximal energy efficiency.
• Gas fills such as argon or krypton- Insulating gases are used to maximize energy efficiency. Due to their properties, gases such as argon and krypton insulate better than air.

By purchasing fiberglass windows that are Energy Star certified, you can guarantee that your windows will be top quality, thermally efficient, and environmentally friendly. Energy Star certified windows earn their name by being manufactured by top quality fiberglass window manufacturers that have a name you can trust.