Energy Efficient Windows in the Heart of Toronto

Beechwood Project Completed!

The Beechwood project is finally complete, with an extreme makeover from the inside and out, winning a CaGBC award and reviving what once used to be a neglected post World War 2 bungalow, into an energy efficient two storey home. The project exceeds the Passive House Standard requirements. Fibertec was glad to be a substantial part of allowing the project to succeed in being a super energy efficient residence.

The Windows Used for the Project

The renovated home is enclosed with triple pane fiberglass windows with an argon gas fill and warm edge spacers. All the fiberglass frames are closed back frames with nailing flange for durability with superior expanded polystyrene insulation. To ensure that the real potential of the windows will show once the house is complete, special tools and installation methods were used to install the fiberglass windows. Several of the tools used include suction cups, flashing tape by 3M, air shims and more. We sent out a corner section to the installers to perform a test installation allowing them to prepare for the real installation of the fiberglass windows.

After the windows and doors were installed, a test was done to see if the windows were installed correctly. The team depressurized the house with a blower door, and showing that the result was achieving 0.52 ACH @ 50Pa in a drywall blower door test, which exceeds the Passive House Standards for New Build Requirement and air tightness. The unit measured, ACH is the measurement of air changes per hour and determines how many times the air within a certain space is replaced.

Over seven months of hard work has paid off with a completed modern style energy efficient home. Much more information about the Beechwood Toronto Project can be found on Greening Home’s website, along with before and after images, videos, and in depth blog posts about the entire journey of the Beechwood house renovation.