A Greener Region: York Region’s New Education Centre

fiberglass windows

The Bill Fisch Forest Stewardship and Education Centre is a recently completed net zero energy building located in Stouffville’s forest track. The building is capable of reproducing more energy than it uses, which helps reduce energy costs and promotes an energy efficient environment. The building is wrapped around by energy efficient, triple pane argon gas filled fiberglass windows with LoE coating. The structure has a combination of both fixed and awning fiberglass windows, strategically placed to allow for maximum natural light as well as appropriate air flow for ventilation. All of the fiberglass windows are triple pane and filled with argon gas for higher energy efficiency. The wall of windows allows the building to be flooded with natural light during the day and benefitting from solar heat gain during the winter. In addition to fiberglass windows, the building uses solar panels and also collects rain water and snow which is then filtered for later use. It is notable to mention that the Bill Fisch Forest Stewardship and Education Centre is the first in Eastern Canada to achieve the Living Building Challenge certification according to certain criteria. The building holds space for many operations such as corporate meetings, education and community meetings as well.

York Region’s initiatives in participating in sustainable building promotes a movement for other locals to take part in living green. By using renewable energy, using energy efficient products such as fiberglass windows and use of natural resources, in turn we can benefit from reducing energy bills and reducing our carbon footprint. This building has attained remarkable achievements for highly recognized certifications such as LEED and the Living Building Challenge, which sets an example for the industry to build sustainable for the better of society and the wellbeing of the environment.