Panneaux de Portes

Woodgrain Panels:

 With a superior oak grain finish, our fiberglass doors can be easily stained or painted like real wood in a selection of natural hues for an everlasting real wood appearance. Fibertec uses an advanced method in which the entry door is made from fiberglass, but has a finish that is added on the face of the door, making your fiberglass entry door look just like wood. Fibertec offers a wide variety of panel designs that you can choose for your entry door to add character and boldness. These are some of the most popular panel designs that are chosen:

Flush Panel Frame

Fibertec's fiberglass and steel doors can be designed to fit your exact style needs and desires. Fibertec's flush door panels are a style in which the panel is embossed inwards, rather than outwards. Flush panels gives off a look of a smooth and more modern designed door, accenting the texture of your entry door.This style is usually used with steel entry doors to make them look more like wood panel doors, however can still be used for fiberglass entry doors

Door Assembly

Keep Moisture Out

Fibertec's fiberglass doors have many advantages that wood doors cannot offer. Our line of fiberglass entry doors and fiberglass patio doors are water infiltrated, meaning that our door systems are capable of keeping even the slightest amount of water from leaking into your home. See our energy ratings and AAMA testings for more information.

Air Tightness

Fibertec's fiberglass advanced door technology sets a high performance standard that you can depend on. By using a combination of weatherstripping with seal components and a door sweep along with several other parts, our fiberglass doors are the best choice to guarantee your safety and comfort.

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