Fibertec’s Heat Mirror Windows

If you are thinking of building green, your first thought should be your windows. By upgrading the glass in your windows, you can ultimately save more energy in the best way possible. Fibertec is one of the only fiberglass window manufacturers that offer heat mirror glass as an option for fiberglass windows. Heat mirror glass is a superior insulating option that can be added to windows for added thermal performance.

How it Works

Heat mirror glass is created by placing a unique film between the panes of glass which reflect heat back to its source. These films allow for high light transmittance whilst providing energy efficiency and high performance. With several types of heat mirror films, you can customize your glass to fit your objectives. Heat mirror glass is highly recommended for green building projects, both residential and commercial.

Using heat mirror film in combination with fiberglass windows has become the most advanced system used for insulation. The heat resistant film allowing both heat and the cold out acts as an additional layer of insulation, greatly increasing R values of windows. With the high energy ratings of fiberglass frames, heat mirror glass is a great match with fiberglass and can be used in addition to other insulating options. When heat mirror glass is used with fiberglass frames, a heat mirror fiberglass window is capable of reaching R values of a wall, making the R values uniform throughout an entire structure.

Types of Heat Mirror Film Used with Fibertec Fiberglass Windows

Heat Mirror TC 88

Heat mirror TC 88 is used for high insulation and is applied with a coating on both sides of the film. The heat mirror film TC 88 has excellent transparency due to the fact that it is a colourless film. When used in combination with a double glazed fiberglass window, the heat mirror TC 88 film can improve the u-value of the window to achieve a total u-value as low as 0.21. An example where this type of film would be used is in northern climates, where warmth from the sun is desirable for supplemental heating.

Heat Mirror Solar Control 75

Heat mirror SC 75 is best used for reducing IR transmittance while having minimal reflection and maximum light transmittance. This film is best used for homes that need good insulation and heat gain control.

Other types of heat mirror film:

  1. Heat Mirror 66
  2. Heat Mirror 55
  3. Heat Mirror 44

Heat mirror glass is available in a variety of ways for structural designs and windows. If you are looking for fiberglass windows with heat mirror film, we are certain to have the right solution for you. Want more information on Fibertec’s fiberglass windows with heat mirror film? Get in touch with us today

The following is a list of only some of the most efficient types of construction that fit seamlessly to our fiberglass heat mirror windows:

  1. Passivhaus Construction
  2. Straw Bale Construction
  3. ICF Construction
  4. Eco Built Homes
  5. Green Construction
  6. Net Zero Energy Homes
  7. LEED Certified Construction