Energy Star

Fibertec and Energy Star Windows

Fibertec Window and Door Manufacturing can proudly state that we offer some of the lowest U value fiberglass windows and leading energy ratings in the industry of fiberglass windows and doors. Our fiberglass windows and doors have achieved u values as low as U-0.13. All our fiberglass windows are Energy Star qualified, meeting and exceeding NFRC rating standards which is an important factor to consider when looking for windows that will last. Click here to see our fiberglass window energy ratings tested by NFRC/ENERGY STAR

Energy Star Qualified Partner

ENERGY STAR is an international qualification standard for energy efficient products. Products certified by ENERGY STAR such as computer products, appliances, windows and doors, use 20 to 30 percent less energy than required by federal standards. Energy Star windows and doors can help reduce your energy bill costs and are proven to be eco friendly for the environment. ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors are a great way to increase the energy efficiency of your home. You can find out which windows are most suitable for your home according to ENERGY STAR by viewing this document

ENERGY STAR’s 2017 Most Efficient Windows

Energy Star has introduced the “Most Efficient of 2017” product category for a variety of different window manufacturers and Fibertec’s fiberglass windows have been included in the category. The most efficient windows of 2017 are a list of distinguished products from the standard ENERGY STAR rating. The most energy efficient window products under this category deliver high performance and advanced technology that are presented in the most original approach. Part of being included in the category is being ENERGY STAR certified with energy efficient windows that will be a presentable candidate for Energy Star products. The energy efficiency of fiberglass windows added to this category are qualified by looking at the U-factor and SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Co Efficient) rating specific to the following regions: North, North-Central, South-Central and South.