Oklahoma “Tornado Alley” Residence

The builder of this custom residence wanted all year protection from the harsh and diverse environment in a part of Oklahoma known as Tornado Alley. The area offers several types of extreme weather as well – Heavy Rainfall and High Winds during tornado season, Scorching hot Summers, and Bitter, Ice Storm Filled Winters. These conditions usually take their toll on traditional window systems.

Fiberglass Windows and Doors by Fibertec with a lifetime warranty were the perfect solution. Triple pane windows, double coated in LowE Glazing and Argon Gas Filled keep the residents comfortable all year round.

Fibertec windows gave them the ability to block out unwanted solar heat gain in the summer while minimizing heat transfer in the winter. Also, because of Fibertec’s All Fiberglass construction, our super durable frames and sashes won’t bend, discolour, or degrade over time like wood or vinyl windows.

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