Rennovation at its Finest

Not every home has the need to go to superior lengths to make their home a highly efficient retrofit project. Some homes just need the facelift to make it look and feel more fresh and exciting to live in. This project was not renovated to accommodate any green building standards, however the homeowner paid close attention to energy efficiency with the building envelope and interior systems used for the home such as the HVAC system. Seams were taped, rim joists were all sealed and the underside of the roof is spray foamed.

About the Windows

The fiberglass windows used for this replacement project were all 300 Series Casement fiberglass windows. All in different dimension and design options, the casement windows were used due to the ability of the window being operable as well as its ability to have an air tight seal as well when they are closed. The fiberglass windows are also triple pane, krypton filled, low-e, with extremely low u-values.

“Not many people can say that they have windows with different solar heat gains on the north and south sides of their house.”
-Mark Walter, Homeowner

Energy Efficient Fiberglass Windows
Fenetres fibre de verre residential