High Performance Low-E Glass – Low-E Glass Window Guide

What is Low-E Glass?

Low-E, standing for low emissivity is an energy efficient glass solution that is capable of using natural light and keeping in heat at the time you will most benefit from it. During the winter, Low E glass allows in natural light, while keeping the rooms in your home heated and in the summer, natural light is let in without having damaging UV rays enter through your windows. Whether you`re building a new home or replacing windows on your existing home, windows unit with LoE+ insulating glass can save you money and make you more comfortable all year around.

Types of Low-E Glass

Low E 180

(Mass production only)

Low E 180 is the ideal glass solution for passive solar applications. During cold climates, low e 180 glass keeps your home warm while preventing heat loss and allowing in natural light from outside. This conventional soft coat film is a great solution for high solar heat gain and keeping your home warm in the winter and cool during hotter climates, allowing for energy savings throughout the entire year. The U- value of Low E 180 glass is 0.29, however when used in combination with fiberglass the u-value becomes lower and the energy efficiency increases.

Low E 272

(Mass production only)

Low E 272 glass delivers year round comfort in all climate conditions. During the winter, the Low E 272 glass has the ability to reflect heat back into the room and in the summer, natural heat is rejected along with damaging UV rays from the sun. With ordinary windows, all the sun’s heat is capable of entering through and can cause discomfort. With Low E 272 glass, the sun’s heat is rejected during hotter temperatures, keeping your home comfortable. This glass does not have a heavy tint to it, so it is easy to see through and even performs better than tinted glass.

Low E 366

(Mass production only)

Similar to the previously mentioned types of Low E glass, the Low E 366 glass also delivers year round comfort in all climate conditions and all ENERGY STAR climate zones. This glass has the best balance between solar control and high visibility. 95 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays are blocked out with Low E 366 glass, which is significantly higher than 188 and 272’s capabilities. This glass has three layers of silver coating resulting in greater abilities to block solar gain and heat reflection while still allowing visible light to enter your home. What’s great about the Low E 366 glass is that qualifies in all 4 of ENERGY STAR’s climate zones(See here for ENERGY STAR climate zones), making it applicable no matter where you live.

Low E i89

(Mass production only)

Low-E i89 is a four surface coated glass offering more natural light transmittance and less reflecting than the i81. This glass is highly energy efficient, delivering a u-value of 0.23 without any alterations. The protective film that the Low-E i89 glass has allows for easy cleaning, offering a smooth finish and has a pleasing look that can satisfy any homeowner.