Guarantee the safety of your home with Fibertec’s Multi-Point Locking System for Entry Doors

Multi-point Locking System

The safety of your home is an important aspect to consider when looking for the right fiberglass doors. Fibertec’s entry door multi point locking system is sleek and operates smoothly keeping your doors properly locked not only ensuring safety, but also leaves your doors air tight at all times. Innovative and secure, Fibertec’s multi-point locking system combines all the innovative features of a top grade locking system that you are looking for with the superior quality and performance that you expect in a fiberglass door.


Benefits of multi-point locks

  1. Maximum security
  2. Increased weatherstripping performance and energy efficiency
  3. More durability
  4. Stronger and longer lasting locks
  5. 3 point locks
  6. Prevents door frame damage