200 Series Insulated Steel Entrance Doors

Insulated Steel Entry Doors

Fibertec Steel Entry door frames mean quality and durability. We emphasize long-term performance, and our systems have achieved the highest air-tightness and energy ratings. The fiberglass foam filled frame accommodates standard size steel, fiberglass and doors. The tough resilient fiberglass frame affords security similar to steel, but will not corrode. With our state of the art technology and extensive testing, the doors will not bow, warp, crack, scratch, splinter, dent or rust as with wood or steel doors.

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Entry Double Door

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6 1/2" The door panel is made of a pultruded fiberglass frame filled with wood reinforcement, injection moulded reinforced mechanical welded corners with Polyurethane foam fill and sealed with silicone sealant. An optional 4 1/2" Pultruded Fiberglass Frame is available for single doors only. Door slabs are 24 gauge galvanized steel skin, available in prime finish, flush or embossed pattern.See the available skin types for door panels
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