Why Fiberglass Doors?

Fiberglass is widely used for manufacturing and building in today's most demanding industries- cars, boats, pools and more, due to its ability to create molds and create custom shapes and never become distorted over time. With fiberglass windows and doors, the frames are created by going through a procedure called the pultrusion process. Fiberglass doors have the benefits that no other material can offer; beauty, security and energy efficiency in one product. Fiberglass doors can give the homeowner the look of an authentic wood door without actually using the amount of wood that a wood door would consume. Fiberglass doors are much tougher than steel or wood doors. They don't scratch or peel and will not warp. They can also be customized to fit the exact needs of a homeowner to fit the style, size, colour, and finish, whether it be fiberglass or wood grain. Unlike wood, fiberglass doors will not rot in humid climate conditions. To prevent rotting from wood doors, occasional staining needs to be done to protect the elements of the door. Fiberglass doors need close to no maintenance at all, except for general cleaning and maintenance in order to keep them in good condition.

You can make a great first impression for your visitors and add beauty to the face of your home with fiberglass doors. Whether you are looking for a rustic wood style door with no limitation that a wood door has, or a custom colour fiberglass door with outstanding decorative glass in the centre, when you choose fiberglass doors over steel or wood, you are making the most cost and energy efficient choice, with the exact look of the door that you desire for the entrance to your home.

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