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A Must See: The Highly Efficient Model 1900 Home Design

Sustianable Building-The Model 1900 House by Complete Home+Design

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An innovative home building company called Complete Home + Design have come across an approach to designing energy efficient and sustainable homes in any possible location. The Model 1900 Home provides a modern style home with an open concept, with high efficiency design tactics allowing your home to be aesthetically pleasing and energy saving friendly.

Several Features of the Model 1900 Home:

Foundation and Structural Design

The structure of the homes are based on steel piles that are driven into the ground making the foundation sturdy, with a steel frame welded overtop. This method can be applied to most types of soil and rock. The structure itself is made using a post and beam method, in which the posts are directly attached to the steel beam foundation. This too is a method that provides maximal structure durability and sturdiness.

Fiberglass Windows

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For maximum energy efficiency, the homes come with Fibertec’s 300 series fiberglass triple glazed, argon gas filled windows with Low-E coatings. The fiberglass series that are used offer great durability, insulation and thin fiberglass profiles for more natural light and a sleeker look around the frame without bulkiness. Fiberglass windows have the lowest energy ratings from all other window material used for manufacturing windows and is the best choice for building energy efficient homes and saving on energy overtime.

Heating System

Throughout the entire house, all floors are heated using radiant floor heat. The system is noiseless, comfortable and energy efficient, reaching close to 100% efficiency. When radiant floor heating is used in combination with sustainable construction, the systems operate with low temperatures in heating and higher temperatures in cooling.


The roof design used for the Model 1900 Home is a flat and slightly angled from front to back. The roof has large overhangs to control the amount of light entering through the windows while also covering the entrance stairs and ramp from snow, rain, etc. Overhangs are used efficiently to control the light that enters the home. During the summer, sunlight is shaded and during the winter, sunlight is used for natural heat as it enters through the windows.

The Ultimate goal of Complete Home + Design is to achieve a structure that can be aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and low maintenance all together in one house.