Fibertec Fiberglass Fixed windows are stationary units (they do not open). They`re great for letting in light and exposing views. Fixed windows look good by themselves or in combination with other window styles such as the Casement windows or Awning windows. Fibertec windows provide one of the narrowest sight lines, thus giving you more glass area. Fibertec Window & Door Mfg. carries the most extensive glass options available catering to extreme weather climates. Fibertec has developed a fiberglass window system featuring advanced technology, resulting in one of the world`s best energy-rated systems that is environmentally friendly and is used in sustainable building.

Once installed in your home, Fibertec windows will never warp, twist, rot, shrink or dent.
Other Styles: 400 Fixed Windows: Wood Clad Fiber® Series (CS)

SPECIFICATIONS (Click detail to open drop down menu)

3 1/4” Pultruded Fiberglass Closed Back Frame completely filled with laser die cut Polystyrene, injection moulded reinforced mechanical welded corners with Polyurethane foam fill, sealed with silicone sealant and are independently tested to AAMA 101/I.S.2, CAN/CSA A440.1 and CSA A440.2 standards. Rating [CSA 440 A3/B7/C4] [AAMA HC-55].
Minimum width 12”, Minimum height 12”, Maximum width 84”, Maximum height 84”. Fibertec manufactures to sizes specified + / – 1/8” (3.17 mm) industry tolerance.
Products have been independently tested and rated by AAMA, and NFRC.(Click here to see energy ratings).
Double glazing with uPVC glass stop -3/4” sealed units with 1/2” air space. Double glazing with (optional) Fiberglass glass stop – 7/8” sealed unit with 5/8” air space. Triple glazing (optional) – 1 5/16” sealed units.
Triple glazing (optional) – 1 9/16” sealed units. Various other optional glazings are available, to suit any climate condition or esthetics.(See glass and glazing page for more information)
Stock colours are White interior and exterior, White interior and Commercial Brown exterior, White interior and Sandalwood exterior. All frames use Sequoia TM Series V advanced acryllic polyurethane (water borne) baked on the finish. The paint is rated environmentally friendly due to low VOC. Custom colours are available. Please not that not all components are paintable.(See here for interior and exterior colour options)
Brickmould (with or without nailing flange) three types, Jamb extensions, Strap Anchors, PVC nailing fin, are available for installation applications. (See here for technical attachment details)
Roll Formed aluminum screen bar with hidden spring loaded corner key, screened with anti-rot fiberglass mesh. Optional oak veneer screens are available to enhance the portrait of the window.
The glass is held in place by a removable interior uPVC or optional fiberglass glass stop. Double-sided closed cell foam tape on the exterior. The glazing cavity is drained to the exterior with drainage holes.
Shall be performed by experienced installers in accordance with manufacturer instructions and CSA A440.4 standards. Window shall be plumb and square after installation is complete and sealed to both interior and exterior wall with high quality sealant around the perimeter of the frame. If perimeter cavity is to be foamed, additional anchorage may be required to prevent bowing. It shall be the responsibility of the installers to make all necessary final adjustments to ensure normal and smooth operation.
Occasional cleaning of glass and frame components with a non-abrasive detergent is recommended.