1586 Fiberglass Window Orientation - South Facing Fiberglass Windows

South Facing Fiberglass Windows

When building a new home, the orientation of where most windows will be placed is considered for best efficiency. Windows that face south are able to absorb the sun’s energy to warm a building during the winter.

In the Winter

During the winter, the sun is much lower than it usually is during the summer thus giving more light and allowing in more heat. While this process is occurring, simultaneously the heat can be kept in a home during the winter and demand less use of heating during cold climates. This is why triple pane fiberglass windows are recommended in cold climate regions. Any windows facing the east or west will lose more heat than they gain during the winter.

In the Summer

During the summer, the sun rises from the northeast and sets in the northwest while staying higher in the sky during midday. If you are building a new home, then this information could be useful. Since the sun is high in the sky than during a winter, an overhang style roof can be used so that heat will not be absorbed in the house. Overhangs, when properly designed, is a roof that has a primary level higher than a secondary portion of the roof, which will keep the heat out during the summer, and the heat and light in during the winter.

Do take the importance of window placing and orientation into consideration when building a new home with fiberglass windows, or if you are looking for a home, make sure to assess the placing of the windows.

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