Fibertec Homeowner's Warranty

To stand behind our quality fiberglass windows and doors, we provide a lifetime homeowner's warranty to guarantee our confidence in the effort put into manufacturing only the best fiberglass windows and doors for your home. At Fibertec, we know that our fiberglass windows and doors are built to last, which is why our homeowner's warranty is not limited to ten years. For over 25 years, Fibertec has been a leader in manufacturing high performance fiberglass windows and fiberglass doors to the North American market. With years of experience put to building windows of perfection, we know that our customers purchase fiberglass windows and doors that they can count on. Our commitment to our customers is to provide a warranty that they can trust, to seal your trust as tight as we seal our fiberglass windows.

Already a customer?

If you have purchased fiberglass windows or fiberglass doors from Fibertec and you have come across an issue with your products, please contact our offices at 1-888-232-4956 to speak with our Service Department.